As a experienced executive and life coach, I offer individual coaching to help clients find the clarity and focus needed to reach their goals - whether professional or personal. Or both.

Creating insight for lasting success

Are you ready to make lasting change to get what you really want?

Dreams and aspirations only become reality when you commit wholeheartedly to the process of development and change. Which is why you need to:

  • Gain clarity about your personal strengths, your resources and the values that drive you
  • Recognise the difference between a pleasant dream and a must-have goal
  • Dig through many layers to come up with the nuggets on which you will build lasting transformation
  • Develop your skills as a leader - of your own life, and, where appropriate, of others you interact with
  • Create the confidence and motivation to pursue your goals

Committing to progress

If you’re ready to make lasting change, you need to be committed to your personal development and motivated to put in the hard work required to make important shifts.

Absolute Clarity Coaching will challenge and support you to make deeply-considered, well-resourced decisions, which draw on all the wisdom you have acquired about yourself. You will use this knowledge to set exciting but robust goals to help you get what you really want.

I am based in Newcastle in the North of England. Sessions can be face-to-face or via Skype or telephone, depending on your location and preference. I can also sometimes offer sessions from Leeds, Manchester and York. I am occasionally in London and can accommodate sessions there.

Call me on +44 (0) 7976 658345 to discuss how I can help you.

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What people are saying about my coaching

'I found Henrietta's coaching profoundly shifting and valuable. I'd struggled for years with getting any leverage on clutter and hoarding. I was persistently and habitually stuck, and I procrastinated. Henrietta seemed to enable, facilitate and weave a magical conversation that went deep, helped me clarify and shift my thinking, and specifically, help me break through fears. As a direct result, I was motivated to take important actions and steps that I had previously found quite difficult, finally moving me in the right direction.'

Isaac Acheampong, Project Manager