My role is to help you dig deeply into your personal resources, and develop greater awareness of yourself, so you can use this information to do things differently.

My style is relaxed, warm and empathic – and even humorous when that’s appropriate. I strongly believe in my ability to help you achieve, which means I am also robust in offering challenges so you get the very best from yourself.

Working in depth

I work at a level of very deep listening, and I hear what is ‘unsaid’ as well as said. I will be honest when I am not hearing your whole-hearted commitment to creating the changes you desire. I will also make you aware of those skills and abilities you are overlooking and discounting about yourself,

As we get to know each other better and our trust deepens, I will share observations that will help you recognise negative patterns of thinking or behaviour. We will work together to enable you to replace these with thoughts and behaviours which will support you in reaching your goals.

Take that first step and call or email me to find out more. Contact details below.

‘Coaching relationships only work when you find the right coach for you. I only work with clients where we both feel that we can develop openness and trust.’

What people are saying about my coaching

'Henrietta asks the difficult questions and probes for those issues and problems that made me feel uncomfortable, but are necessary to find the right solutions. She works incredibly hard to provide the right support and helped me to move on when I was looking for new direction in my career.'

Julie Ingham, Marketing and Communications Manager at National Day Nurseries Association