In their own words

We thought we’d let some of the characters from Control Freak introduce themselves in their own words …

Holly Richards

red bootsWe texted Holly some questions and these were her answers:

Q: So how would you describe yourself?
A: I wouldn’t, I have better things to do with time. I might paint myself I suppose. Next question..

Q: What’s it like to be the main character in a book about leaving care?
A: Fine – OK. Why wouldn’t it be?

Q: No reason at all – it’s just that some of the things that happen to you are … well they’re not exactly the nicest of stuff to go through..
A: That’s just so typical – you immediately start stereotyping young people in care…

Q: I don’t think we were… I was just trying to ask you how it felt to go through some of those things…
A: How would you like it if I came round and started asking you questions like that?

Q: Are you really a control freak?
A: I don’t know why everyone thinks that about me… Have you got any serious questions to ask me?

Q: In the book it’s clear that you have no problem getting boyfriends. Would you describe yourself as a confident person?
A: You have to be believe in yourself ‘cos if you don’t nobody else will. But that doesn’t mean I think I’m perfect…

Q: So what would you change about yourself if you could?
A: Probably my nose cos it’s a bit too big, and my mouth is a bit of a weird shape… but I do like my legs, that’s my favourite bit of me

Q: What’s your favourite item of clothing?
A: My red boots. Definitely my red boots

Q: If you were a celebrity what celebrity would you be?
A: That is such a stupid question! Why would I want to be a celebrity?

Q: We ask everyone that question. Most people don’t mind answering it…
A: Yeah well, I’m not everyone. Now if you don’t mind – just shove off because I’ve got college work to do.


footballWhat do you call a foster kid who has a mind of his own?

You can’t call him – coz his foster carers have locked him in the bedroom and taken away his phone.

OK it’s not that great a joke. And being honest my foster carers wouldn’t do that. Correction, they haven’t done it yet. But I bet they’d like to. Holly says it’s not surprising coz I’m difficult sometimes. Yeah, well she can talk … She has no sense of humour that girl. She needs to loosen up a bit. Now me, I chill all the time. My mates think I’m a bit of a joker, and that’s coz I’m going to be a stand up comedian when I get older. (Holly sez I’m already a comedian but I think that her trying to be funny. Yeah, like she could ever… ) Anyways I’m one cool dude most of the time, ‘cept for sometimes when things really rile me. Then what I need is time on my own. Social services and my foster carers call it running away. I call it chillin’.

And I’m 13 by the way, if anyone is interested. And I’m into football , my Xbox and tv. And I’m allergic to people who shout (Gary my foster carer is a TA sergeant major)


giraffeuseHolly is my bezzie mate coz she’s lovely. I mean she’s a teeny weeny bit irritating sometimes, specially at the mo, coz she’s deeetermined to leave us. Which nobody wants. Not me or Mum or Dad or Mr Giraffe, or our cat. But Hols always does what she thinks is right. U can’t argue with Holly Bolly. Oh no, no, no… LOL

Me? Well, I’m not that interesting really. I’m 16 and I love pink and purple and kittens and those pen tops you get with googly eyes and furry hair. And scrunchies with glittery bits. I know Hols thinks I’m soppy but it takes all sorts… J I know I’m not what you’d call clever but I’ve got a gorgeous boyf at the mo. His name is Daniel. Hols doesn’t like him much but she’s soooo picky sometimes. But Holly gets all the hot guys coz she’s got the most amazin’ legs and this gorgeous hair. Jealuz? Me!! LOL


guitarI know what you think, that I’m a total loser to put up with Holly. But honestly, if you saw her … Holly is just, well she’s just Holly. The moment I saw her it was like kerpow … socked in the face by good old fashioned lerve. Struck down by Cupid’s arrow is how my dad puts it. But he understands becoz he felt like that about my mum. My mother’s a lot like Holly really. She’s totally pig-headed and never wrong. No wonder my mum and girlfriend don’t get on.

Actually there’s more to it than that. My mother is a total snob and she thinks that becoz Holly was in foster care, that she’s not good enough for me. But if I went out with one of the royal princesses, she wouldn’t be good enough for my Mother. I think, to be honest, my Mother is a bit jealous because she’s had an easy life and she’s not done that much with it. (Except have me, which isn’t much to boast about!) Now Holly’s had a tough life, with her mum being ill for most of the time she was growing up and her having her little brother to look after, but she’s still totally focused. I think she’s going to make a brilliant artist. Ok so maybe I am a bit biased – but if you knew Holly you would understand. Honestly.

(Holly says I should mention that I’m a singer/songwriter. She says I’m not very good at promoting myself. But it’s just a hobby really.)


basketballWe tried to talk to Nathan (coz we know you all love him) but he was watching a dvd about the 2008 Olympics. Then he had basketball practice, and a trip to the gym. And he said something about needing to clean the bathroom before Holly got home. But he wrote this instead.

Holly iz cool, Lucy iz too,
But a guy can’t v both so what shud he do?
I fink I’ll v Lucy cos her hairz soft and flossy
U wouldn’t want Holly coz she way far too bossy