Control Freak: The Series

Control Freak

‘A sincere, simply told, ultra-convincing story that shows what it’s like to branch out on your own after a childhood in care,’
Jacqueline Wilson (author of the Tracy Beaker stories)

How do you hold it together when you’re leaving care, falling in love and your little brother has gone missing? Seventeen-year old Holly Richards is tough, practical and determined and has her whole future carefully mapped out. So for her, leaving foster care to move into her own flat should be no problem. But what Holly hasn’t bargained for is the problems that an out of control brother, a too-good-to-be-true boyfriend and a lovestruck bestfriend can create. All Holly’s perfectly laid plans start to go pear-shaped and she finds herself pushed to the limits. Does she have the nerve to stay in control?

Losing Control

After leaving care Holly Richards just wants to concentrate on being a student. So why do all the men she knows want to make her life so complicated? Whether it’s brother Ryan, threatened by Facebook bullies, a ‘rock star’ boyfriend who is attracting way too much interest from the girls, an employer who thinks anyone in care is a criminal or Spider Boy, who fascinated Holly as much as he repels her, there’s hassle all around her. No wonder Holly starts to feel her life is spiralling out of control!

Warning: This book is intended for teenagers and may not be suitable for readers under 13

Remote Control

Remote Control is the third novel in the series about Holly Richards and her younger brother, Ryan. Who really has their finger on the button in care leaver, Holly Richards’s life? It’s Christmas and Holly just wants to chill with boyfriend Sean, but when he’s whisked away by his demanding mother, Holly’s past seems to be coming back to haunt her. Just when she’s trying to cope with her own mother’s death wish and the disappearance of her birth father, Holly finds herself sidetracked by the reappearance of the boy who nearly killed her brother … So how will Holly keep her own life on track when she’s left holding her foster sister’s baby, her young brother Ryan seems determined to harm himself and her care leaver flatmate, Keesh, is cracking up with fears about the future? Can Holly break old patterns and learn to let other people take control of their own lives, so she can get on with her own?