Coaching is all about moving forward – in the clear direction of the client’s goals – and it’s often quite a shock to someone when they realise they can’t move forward. However as coaches we recognise that ‘feeling stuck’ is quite a powerful place to be – because it’s your consciousness giving you a very strong message that something has to change.

Don’t force a ‘block’

When you can’t go forward then you have to stop and examine your options. Once you accept that you’re feeling blocked you have to face up to things you may have been overlooking or even hiding from yourself.

You begin to realise that you may be heading in the wrong direction or even need to go back to the starting point and reconsider the situation. Or perhaps you need to create a completely new strategy for getting over, under or around the blockage.

If someone tries to rush you onwards when you’re feeling blocked, you will most probably chose the wrong path and end up lost and frustrated. That’s why, as coaches, we don’t try and lead you by forcing our own suggestions and solutions onto you. Instead we help you take a very thorough look at why you can’t get round this block. So you can find the way forward that is best for you.

What to do if you feel blocked

If you feel yourself blocked, these are some tips to help you move forward:

  • Don’t try and force yourself forward – stop and think about why you are blocked
  • Ask yourself what purpose is this block serving? What’s it protecting you from? Maybe there’s something important that you have forgotten or overlooked.
  • Identify all the possible routes (solutions) you could take in this situation. Make sure you only select the ones that take you closer to your goals, rather than taking you on a diversion that simply results in a dead end.
  • Listen to your gut instinct and don’t dismiss what it’s telling you, even if that feels uncomfortable. Sometimes it may be telling you that you aren’t quite ready for this change or that you are putting too much pressure on yourself.
  • Don’t waste energy fretting about circumstances you really can’t alter. In some situations the only thing you can change is your attitude.
  • When you’ve identified a new path or even a new destination, make sure you think it through very carefully, considering how you will deal with setbacks as well as opportunities.
  • Consider working with a coach to tackle your blocks and make sure you develop a truly rigorous strategy.
Why it’s OK to be stuck