Facilitation is a wonderful tool which helps people find solutions that everyone can sign up to and support.

How it works

Skilled facilitators act as ‘guides’ to the process, helping the group to ‘contract’ to an agreed outcome and then supporting them through the process of exploring their challenges and finding solutions. It’s very similar to coaching – and some people feel there are no differences between facilitation and group coaching.

My approach

As a facilitator I bring together my experience as an accredited coach, my knowledge of negotiation skills and many years working as a consultant, coordinator and project manager.

I am a member of the International Association of Facilitators.

What I offer

  • In-depth experience in getting people to ‘contract’ to their desired outcomes and how they will work towards them
  • Stimulating ways to involve and engage groups in the process
  • Ability to handle conflict and keep people focused on finding solutions
  • Experience of moving people forward when they seems ‘stuck’
  • Deep listening skills to pick up on unspoken agendas and beneath the surface feelings
  • Skills to raise unspoken issues in non-challenging and empowering ways
  • Ability to identify my own agenda and keep it out of the process
  • Experience of offering recaps to help group recognise how far they’ve moved forward, and what else remains to be done
  • Knowledge of how to firm up outcomes and check whether everyone is on board with these
  • Helping the group to agree the actions they will take and how they will measure effectiveness

Contact me to find out more about how facilitation can help your organisation to find really useful solutions that all staff can sign up to.

Some organisations I have provided facilitation for include:

  • Board members of A National Voice, which is made up of young people who have recently left care
  • Department of Health consultation around services for people with learning disabilities
  • The Child Accident Prevention Trust
  • The Talk Consultancy, a media and broadcasting company
  • Staff and young people training through the Golden Co-operative