Coaching challenges you to expand your thinking and push your boundaries, in order to gain clarity about your goals and identify the motivation to implement them

As an ‘art’ coaching produces exciting and often unexpected results, but it is also a methodical and grounded process. You have the opportunity to ‘think out loud’, and I ask the questions and offer your observations that allow you to discover new options and perspectives essential for making lasting shifts.

I work with you to:

  • Clearly identify your priorities and values, and recognise their impact
  • Build on your existing strengths and passions, and your individual learning style
  • Recognise skills and experiences you have forgotten or overlooked
  • Explore your aspirations, and separate the pleasant fantasies from the essential goals you have to fulfil
  • Clarify goals and plan endurable, long-term strategies
  • ‘Chunk down’ major goals into manageable stages
  • Identify any distractions, fears or doubts that may take you off your chosen path, and create resourceful ways of staying ‘on track’
  • Discover, where relevant, new ‘tools’ from approaches to behavioural change, such as Transactional Analysis, NLP, theories of team building, learning from neuroscience etc
  • Unlock the motivation and resources to see your goals through to fruition
  • Recognise your successes as well as learning from setbacks
  • Use the learning from your coaching to become self-sufficient after you finish your programme

What people are saying about my coaching

'Henrietta asks the difficult questions and probes for those issues and problems that made me feel uncomfortable, but are necessary to find the right solutions. She works incredibly hard to provide the right support and helped me to move on when I was looking for new direction in my career.'

Julie Ingham, Marketing and Communications Manager at National Day Nurseries Association